Linnea Ista

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Linnea Ista received her BS in Biology from the University of Puget Sound and her MS in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri-Columbia. After teaching at Potsdam State and Clarkson Universities in Northern New York, she joined the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Department at UNM in 1994 as a staff scientist. Encouraged by her colleagues, she obtained her PhD in Biology from UNM in 2011 and has been a Research Assistant Professor in CHNE since June of 2012.

During her career at UNM she her interests have been in the attachment substratum effects on biofilm formation and development of novel biocides. Within CEET, her projects have emphasized fundamental interactions between dissimilatory metal reducing bacteria and biofuel cell anode surface, toward an overall goal of increasing the efficiency of electron transfer and energy production. Dr Ista passionately believes that the answers to most of our technological problems lies within the bacterial world, including green energy production.