Internal Organization

CEET operates on the assumption that cohesiveness of intent among affiliated faculty is more important than housing the same people within a single facility. The highly diversified nature of CEET's activities also makes operating within a single building difficult without incurring in major expense - although this option is by no means ruled out in a future where the Center's operations grow substantially. Nevertheless, the Center operates a number of physical facilities, including those described in 3.5.

research ops

Figure 5.1: Organization chart for CEET.

The organization of the center is currently relatively simple - as shown in Fig. 5.1. The Director is responsible for steering the Center's overall direction, in response to both internal pressures (research activities of affiliated faculty) and external pressures (long-term funding opportunities, strategic vision of the School of Engineering and the University, and overall Center contribution to the state and national scientific and economic enterprise. The Associate Director assists the Director by guiding the operation of cost centers, and with providing a separate point of view of the center's research enterprise. The Center Administrator reports to the Director, and is assisted by a level II accountant, and by a student accountant. Center affiliated faculty act more or less independently of the Center Director, for well-known reasons of academic freedom, but also interact with the Director in supporting and achieving the overall strategic vision for the Center.