Engineered Nano-scale Ceramic Supports for PEM Fuel Cells (DOE-EERE - PI Ward)

This UNM effort is supported through Los Alamos National Laboratory as part of a larger Department of Energy project whose broad goal is the development of electrocatalyst support materials that provide superior corrosion resistant and durability for PEM fuel cells. The UNM program has explored synthetic strategies for high surface area transition metal oxides, nitrides and carbides that could provide high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistant properties under PEMFC operating conditions. The project explores both aerosol and bulk synthetic approaches based on the use of a sacrificial support to enhance surface area. Molybdate chemistry has been exploited to provide a carbon-free synthesis of Mo-Nitride, and an efficient pathway to high surface area Mo-Carbide. Strategies for highly-dispersed Pt on Mo-Carbide are also being developed.


Roy, A., Serov, A., Brosha, E., Atanassov, P., Ward, T.L., High Surface Area Mo2N: Novel Durable Support for Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts; Prepr. Pap.-Am. Chem. Soc., Div. Energy Fuels 58 (2013).