Cloud-based Distributed Energy Resource Scheduling (PNM - PI Mammoli)

Utility companies are increasingly encouraging the installation of distributed energy resources, as these can benefit the customer (by reducing energy costs), to the utility (by increasing the utilization efficiency of generation and transmission resources), and to society (by reducing emissions). As the number of distributed energy resources increases, it becomes very important to operate these so that all of these benefits are realized. In this project, UNM is collaborating with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to provide a cloud-based service to a number of PNM customers, to demonstrate the benefits of optimized resource scheduling and coordination.


Standalone vs. optimized operations schedule for cold storage and absorption cooling.

A. Mammoli, M. Stadler, N. DeForest, H. Barsun, R. Burnett and C. Marnay, Software-as-a-Service Optimised Scheduling of a Solar-Assisted HVAC System with Thermal Storage, Proc. 3rd International Conference on Microgeneration and Related Technologies, Naples 15-17 April 2013.