Inflatable free-standing flexible solar towers (UNM RAC - PI Mammoli)

Recently, Prof. Mammoli received seed funding through UNM RAC (Research Allocation Committee) to build a prototype of a novel inflatable solar chimney. The solar chimney work, performed as a collaboration betwee UNM CEET (Mammoli and Vorobieff) and The University of Alberrta (Putkaradze) has a promise of radically reducing the costs of energy produced by a solar chimney power station - one of the few renewable energy sources capable of supplying 24/7 baseline power. The cost reduction will be implemented by replacing the traditional rigid chimney (necessary to sustain a solar-driven updraft powering a turbine) with a self-supporting inflatable construction.


V. Putkaradze, P. Vorobieff, A. Mammoli, N. Fathi. "Inflatable free-standing flexible solar towers" , to be published in Solar Energy.