Mesa del Sol Smart Grid Demonstration Project (EPRI - PI Mammoli)

The ability to integrate increasing amount of renewable energy into the power grid rests on the development of new storage and control technologies, which are reliable, robust and cost-effective. The challenge of integration is not necessarily in the technologies per se, but in how to control them, and how to coordinate them, to achieve maximum system benefit. In this research, solar and wind variability are being characterized, and matched with resources including real-time load control, microgrid-based dispatchable generation, and batteries in an ongoing 'in the field' experiment, leveraging assets from many parallel research efforts.

ramp rate

Characteristics of vatious distributed energy resources, in terms of power capacity, ramping capacity, energy capacity and cost.

S. Abdollahy, N. Heine, S. Poroseva, O. Lavrova and A. Mammoli, Integrating heterogeneous distributed energy resources to manage intermittent power at low cost, Proc. IEEE Sustainability Technology, Portland, OR August 2013.