SHADE House - UNM / ASU entry to DOE Solar Decathlon 2013 (US DOE - UNM PI Lavrova)

Team ASUNM is a collaborative team comprised of architects, landscape architects, construction managers, and engineers from ASU and the University of New Mexico competing in the 2013 Solar Decathlon. The Solar Decathlon is both a competition and a research project requiring teams to design and construct innovative housing prototypes for their respective local climate and market. Team ASUNM is focused on the challenges of urban housing in desert climates and will develop a sustainable urban infill prototype for the Phoenix Metropolitan area. The ASUNM prototype, called SHADE: Solar Homes Adapting for Desert Equilibrium, uses a canopy of photovoltaic panels and other shading instruments to protect the house and connected outdoor spaces against the harsh desert sun, to improve the thermal performance of the house, and to provide the energy collection needed to power the home. The name is intentional: we seek to highlight how PV systems can be integrated into the home design and provide amenities beyond electricity through providing shade to enable indoor/outdoor living during the harsh desert summers. Further, we have placed our solar canopy at the front of our house to both provide a visible statement of the value of PV as well as to engage the home and occupants into the local community.


Figure 3.3: Rendering of the SHADE house in a typical arid Southwest suburban setting.

S. Patibandla, M. Erdman, H. Beauchamp, M. Montoya, J. Dellis, K. Yu, O. Lavrova, G. Byers, A. Krieger, M. Mentillo, M. Robinson, P. Wayne, A. Mammoli, J. Washington, A. Taqi, J. Cribbs, P. Horton, M. Fraser. "TEAM ASU-UNM DOE SOLAR DECATHLON 2013 SHADE HOUSE: COMBINING PASSIVE AND ACTIVE SOLAR DESIGNS WITH ARCHITECTURE" , presented at ASES 2012, April 2012, Baltimore, MD.