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The mission of CEET

To create a culture of innovation in engineering research and education that links scientific discovery to technological innovation through transformational-engineered systems research and education to advance technology and produce engineering graduates who will be creative innovators in a global economy.

CEET's mission

Emerging Energy Technologies support the rising generation of energy resources. Harnessing energy from sunlight or wind, converting it to other forms, storing this energy and distributing it to end uses are just a few examples of the role of these technologies. The mission of CEET is to facilitate collaborative research in this inherently interdisciplinary field. The Center is a meeting place for faculty, students and practitioners from the School of Engineering, UNM and outside to work together to find the solutions to one of society's most pressing needs - sustainable energy. The role of CEET is to support faculty and researchers in all stages of the research enterprise - writing proposals, administering grants, providing facilities and instrumentation, organizing workshops and conferences. In particular, CEET provides an environment to foster large-scale research efforts, involving Universities, Industry and the National Labs. The goal of CEET is to assist the economic growth of New Mexico, by developing competitive new technologies, and by training and preparing tomorrow's workforce, through providing an environment of research excellence in which to pursue advanced degrees.